As the leading non-profit Cyber Physical organization, BCS is facilitating adoption of a framework for Cyber Secure in the physical environment. The BCS framework and relevant certifications will demonstrate mastery of core cyber physical principles and knowledge of best practices for administering and sustaining physical security, safety, and privacy in public and private sectors.

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The BCS certification program will address all privacy and security aspects of the physical cyber environment. Our program will demonstrate those with BCS credentials possess superior skills and competency, serious commitment, and a full understanding of physical cyber, privacy, and security strategies.


Initially, all aspects of the ecosystem from equipment manufacturers, installers, telecommunication participants, and onsite management will need to be certified to demonstrate their understanding of the framework.


Certifications will be issued based on ecosystem participants willingness to adhere to the framework and perform work according the standards and specifications outlined by BCS.


Certifications for ecosystem participants will have to be updated on a periodic basis, as cyber threats continue to evolve and change due to new attack methods used by bad actors.


BCS provides the education necessary to obtain a certification by a professional, company, or an equipment manufacturer.